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A smile transcends effortlessly through languages and cultures. It is the expression of joy, kindness and love. This is what we feel when it comes to gaming, football and sports. Looking to find a way to express this feeling to the world, we created POGA the label. 

With POGA the label we expand our horizon and your POGA experience beyond our beloved gaming cases. The quality and the fairtrade europe-based location build the crossover to POGA gaming cases, which stands for the philosophy behind every POGA product. The label is about: 

- high quality fabrics
- clean gender neutral designs
- fairtrade made

And at the core POGA the label carries our smile icon as a symbol for our values and our love for the game, sports and support of fairplay.

The perfect apparel to enhance your online and offline adventures and a way to share our message of joy, kindness and love with the world.

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